Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sewmouse Message Service:

@ Babzy:

Got your message in the comments, have been more than a little whelmed and forgot to say "Good on you - let me know where you land when you start up again - I've missed you, girl!"


Due to some filter or other here at work, I cannot access your blog anymore. Well, I can sorta, but then I get an error message and it locks up my browser and spits at me. I can only read from home, and what with all that "whelmed" stuff, I'm sorry I haven't commented.

@ Amanda

Mindi apparently does have some sort of kidney function problem. I have to get a pee sample to the vet for them to rule out the possibility of an infection (What does one do for a cat with a kidney infection? They won't even SNIFF cranberry juice...) However, the vet thinks it may be an age-related issue. Apparently cats have normal life span of about 12-14 years, and with these two being around 15-16 years old, I've had a lot of "bonus" time with them in their old ladyness.


So do you think that enough people are willing to believe that Palin is as politically ready for the presidency as Sen. Clinton thought she was - and that they'll vote for one vagina as quickly as another?

This is one woman who feels that the Republicans made their VP selection in order to manipulate women whom they felt were too stupid to look beyond the XX chromosome issue and find out what the candidate REALLY believed in. I am disgusted with this blatant gender pandering attempt.

137 days


John Good said...

Hi Sew! =)

Sorry for my absence. I, too, have the "whelmed" thing going on. Sorry about Mindi, rub her ears for me. . .

piston said...

What you say is probably true, but I do believe there are a good deal of women who found Hillary attractive because she had a vagina. And to be honest, if a democrat had to be in office, I would have preferred her over Obama. On the same hand, I've heard a ton of black folks spit out that they were voting Obama because he was black and not because of his politics. Regardless of your high ideals, BOTH parties are trying to manipulate the majority into voting for them. Take the blinders off please. You are smarter than that. As for Palin.. I'm not convinced it was the intelligent choice. I still want to see her throw down with Biden. I am not so concerned about what the media has been reporting as their blatant disgusting bias has been sickening this year. I want to see her in action against her competition.

Croila said...

Jeeze ... How on EARTH do you collect a sample of cat pee?! Did you manage?