Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Not so much Labor day.

What a lovely weekend it was. Saturday I kind of goofed off around the house, and sniffed as everyone in the neighborhood made grilled steaks & burgers. This trying to cut back the cholesterol thing is killing me - oatmeal =/= red meat in terms of epicurian delight. I had a lot of oatmeal for breakfast, and then some beans and a FCB (Flattened Chicken Breast) for dinner. Maybe if I'd had some bruschetta to top the FCB it would have been tastier.

Sunday I did my shopping chores. I went to Menards and saved big money, I bought a shower rod and some new hanger thingys. I didn't really want the shower rod, but in order to get the "Flanges" which is apparently the technical term for the metal dowhatzits that keep it firmly against the wall, I had to buy a rod as well. Not like it cost a fortune or anything.

While I was there I checked out their halloween decorations display. Adorable. There is a pirate boat, and a "Zombie Hotel". My friend Pirate would adore it. I need to tell him about them.

Then I went to the Petco and got some cat food, kitty litter, another shedding brush, and some "waterless shampoo" for cats. Mindi is SOOOOOOOOO full of shedding and fur bits and dander, I would wash her, but I'm sure not wanting her to scratch me to bits. I still have scars on my wrists from when we picked her and her brothers up to see if they were boy or girl kittens.

I hope the "shampoo" works. Tomorrow is the BIG DAY - I drop off Mindi at the vet in the morning for her x-rays, then pick back up after work. She's gonna hate me.

Glad to see the latest hurricane didn't wipe out anyplace quite as bad as Katrina. There's another one headed for SE US - I think that one will miss Dad too. Despite all the doom & gloom predictions, it seems that things have been relatively "normal" again for the hurricane season so far.

The cicadas are going to drive me crazy. I hate their singing, singing, singing - to all hours of the night. Cicada wild parties. Damn their red shiny eyes.

139 days

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Croila said...

I was practically forcefed porridge (oatmeal)every school morning of my life, and I'm sure that's part of the reason my cholestrol is lower than average. When I left home at the age of 18 I swore I'd never touch porridge again, but twenty years later, I have it most days now!