Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I bought a new cell phone

Not a new plan, just an upgraded phone. See, my old phone just would not accept any headset at all - couldn't do hands-free - and because of the law in Chicago, I couldn't use my phone there, as it's "hands-free or not at all", and driving in the city is usually one of those places where I need assistance (call Leandra for directions).

So I got this new nifty phone. It's an older model, but functional, and I have a house charger, a car charger and an earbud thingy. (no, not a cyborg-like blue-toof - yet.) It also allows me to d/l ringtones to my satisfaction, and to use it as a speakerphone (altho I need to learn HOW - RTFM and all that), and it takes pictures.

I have, so far, taken pictures of the sales-counter top in the mobile store, my steeringwheel, the knee of my pants and my thumb (extreme closeup on thumb).

The "take a picture" button is on the side of the phone where I usually grab it to hold while I am dialing.

I believe this will require a certain period of adjustment. *blush*

320 days


Aarayan said...

I have to ask - what happens in 320 days? I have searched and searched and finally found the post where you started counting, but not the reason - can you share? The suspense is killing me!


Leandra said...

It took me the longest time to figure that one out myself. Then one day it smacked me between the eyes and I did the math and figured it out. Sewmouse laughed so hard that it took me that long.

Think U.S. and think politics.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

My newest cell phone does everything - but what the hell I want it to!! I have a camcorder, I have a good digital camera, what do I need something that takes grainy, crappy pictures for?

I threw my free "blue toof" crap in the trash (after I opened it and stuck it in my ear so they couldn't resell it), right at the phone store, much to the agony of those who say it will save the world. I could care less what the ringtone sounds like: just ring, even! I created quite the uproar simply by telling the truth when asked how did I like my phone, during a visit to phone heaven with my wife.

"It's just like giving myself an enema every time I pull it out of my pocket - and damn near as much fun!"

Sewmouse said...

Welcome, Aarayan!

Hint - check the right sidebar, it explains why I'd be counting down until Jan. 20, 2009

BBC said...

Don't know where my cell phone is, don't care. Got a good life without one.

Croila said...

My phone runs my life. Or rather, it helps me run my life. It's about four years old but still keeps me in touch with my friends and has a "to do list" reminder, a calculator, a calendar, an address book ... All these things I couldn't live without. The camera is utterly shite though, and I never use it as an MP3 player as the earphones are pish. I couldn't live without it though!

Anonymous said...

I must be the last person in the civilized world who has never had a cell phone.