Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The dreaded "S" word

3-5 inches.


Driving to work was not as hellish as I'd anticipated, but I still got there 12 minutes late, which bites, since I left over 1/2 an hour earlier than usual. Sn*w is fecking COLD, btw. (In case you didn't know)

I got some up my sleeve while I was brushing off the windows and I thought my wrist was gonna get frostbitten. Almost 50 years I've lived here near Chicago, you would think by now I'd be done bitching about it. HAH! I have not yet BEGUN to bitch!

Although the radio kept reporting 100's of spin-outs and fender benders, the traffic was not ill-behaved (except for the occasional SUV who did not realize that 4-wheel drive does NOT negate the laws of physics). I saw no accidents, and there was only 1 spot where traffic was so slowed and creepy-crawly that it was miserable (that's where I lost the 12 minutes, I think)

Actually, if the sn*w would just only stay on the grass and the trees it would be rather pretty. I just don't like it in my shoes, or my sleeve or on the road or on my car windows or on the sides of my car making it hard to open the doors, or on top of my mailbox and falling onto my hand when I try to get the mail, or on the sidewalks or...

Really - there need to be sn*w laws. Damn things think they can just go anywhere they please!

48 days

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