Wednesday, October 01, 2008

12-Grain Bread. And Sox.

In my continuing battle to do something POSITIVE with my eating habits, I've gone looking for high-fiber, low-fat, low cholesterol, low sodium and did I mention high fiber - foods.

I read the label on this "12-grain bread" and it looked like it was something that might be both tasty and healthier than Wonder© Bread, so I bought it.

I didn't bother to think at the time "WTF is this 12-grain bit?" But today while eating my 12-grain bread and sliced turkey sandwich for lunch, I decided to count the number of grains that I could see/identify/remember from biology class.

I could remember very few. Barley, wheat, rice, corn, oats (all the chex cereals, with the addition of barley), rye, .... and then I petered out. That's only 6. So I looked at the bread.

I shouldn't have.

Apparently SEEDS count now. There were little brown seeds that looked something like small bugs on it. I think they MIGHT have been Flax seeds. There were other seeds too - in fact, I'm fair certain I recognized some of those other seeds from bags of birdseed and hamster food I've bought over the years.


I'm eating gerbil-food sandwiches.


Congratulations to the White Sox. Great game last nite.

110 days


grade school bud said...

Hey there from down south....I just wanted to say hi and I hope to see your comments tomorrow about the VP debate. Although I live in a red state (hence redneck), my office family is definitely blue for this election.

Croila said...

Ach no, don't be scared of the seeds, they're sooooo good for you! Taste like shit maybe, but they'll prolong your life ... Just so you can keep eating stuff that tastes like shit ;-)

Rauf said...

Sew,there is a reson why we have taste buds on the tongue and the upper part of our mouth