Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yesterday the "financial bailout" bill failed. While I'm not unhappy about this, it has gotten me to thinking about financial/economic security - mine, and that of others. Not to even MENTION how much I'm glad that Social Security did NOT get privatized like Shrub Boy wanted.

On my lunchtime drive, I heard someone on CBS radio making a very astute comment. I paraphrase:

GWB is telling the country that this is serious - deadly serious. However, this comes from an administration that has had us at Terror Threat: Orange for over two years! No wonder people aren't taking it so seriously.

The fear tactics of the Bush Junta have finally come to bite them in the ass. WOLF... AL QUEDA!!!... WOLF!!! AL QUEDA!!!!... WOLF!!!!... and now when there really appears to be a (self-inflicted due to deregulation) crisis, nobody is listening to the Frat boy who cried Al Queda.

I am, naturally, concerned about my IRA - although it is with one of the banks that so far has weathered the storm. My savings is at my local credit union, and they're doing fine. My mortgage company is hanging on, although they're rocky - but that should be OK too. As long as my job stays safe, I should be OK through this.

I'm pulling back on spending starting immediately, however. My "consumer confidence" is tanking. My $600 "economic stimulus" is in savings, and will REMAIN there. I remember my mother washing and reusing plastic bags and aluminum foil. My sister-in-law used to laugh at my mom about her recycling wrapping paper. I grew up with Depression-era parents. I know how to economise, although doubtless not as well as they did.

Hang on, folks. It's gonna be a bumpy ride - but we WILL get through it.

111 days.

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Croila said...

Nothing wrong with recycling wrapping paper! I do that myself, although I'm the first to admit I'm not very good at being frugal in other ways. I can't see myself going as far as washing tin foil, but who knows ...