Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Sewmouse Post-Monday Report

First things first - Mindi update:

Well, there is certainly something wrong with Mindi - but we won't know for a bit exactly what. The vet wants to do blood tests and stuff - and he wants to take x-rays. I'm ok with that, but it is expensive, and I need to wait to get my next check before I can spend all that much. He did do a preliminary check, and he says she is certainly walking wrong, and has a problem in her LEFT hip (I always thought it was the right) - which could be old-age related, or could be something worse. Won't know 100% until they get results back.

Mindi and Kili travel quite differently. Kili keeps poking her nose out of the vent holes in the box and maowing at me furiously. Mindi, however, hunched herself down with her face in the corner where there are no holes at all - and wimpered only when something happened to jostle her. Kili can't WAIT to get out of the box at the vet - I had to DRAG Mindi out, having had to turn her around first, since her butt was facing the door.

Vet agrees Mindi is too fat. Also agrees there's not much I can do about it given Kili's eating habits and their age. He does, however, approve of their food.

Got my final OK from Dr. Brad. Back is back where it belongs, no pain, so all is good.

I even took a walk last nite over to the pool to see how the new lighting and stuff is coming along. Apparently someone in the area went around and "keyed" a bunch of cars (running something metallic like keys or nails along and scraping off paint), so the Association and the police are working on ways to keep the vandals at bay.

Fortunately, the little blue Neon did not sustain damage.

The festival was ok. I ate before I left, which was a good thing since everything there would have probably been "heart-attack-on-a-stick" or worse for me. There were no t-shirts for sale that I saw. The warmup band for the main stage wasn't too bad, but I didn't stay for the main act (Ides of March) - mostly because I can't possibly figure out how a one-hit-wonder band can play a whole set, when they only had one hit - and how many times can you listen to "Vehicle" before it becomes irritating? No photos as the camera batteries were dead.

Tonite I'll stop at Costco and buy DRUGS - and at 1/2 price books to feed my addiction.

160 days

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