Friday, August 08, 2008

On to the Weekend.

So! Today is Friday, I've been tolerably good all week, so I am going to try and do somehting fun and different this weekend.

My "reward" for being "good" this week is going to be a nice pedicure/manicure - but I'm also going to take a bit of a plunge and go out to a street festival alone. Usually I have SOMEONE to tag along with, but nobody else wants to go this time, and I figure if I'm really gonna BELIEVE in my own independence, I need to do stuff like this without being codependent on someone else.

So I'm going to the Addison Community Days thingywhatzit. They have been setting up all week right along my route to work, and yesterday I tried to get a photo of the neat and tidy rows and rows of Portapotties (at LEAST 2 dozen) and Trash Wheeliebins (many more!)... But they had put up a fence along the roadside that has green plastic to keep people out and hide the festival from the street.

There are carnie rides and games, live music, dancing shows, and a lot of food vendors, along with all the portapotties and trash cans.

I remember really enjoying going to these kinds of town festivals when Amanda was dancing. After the dance company was finished, we would walk around and look at the fest before going home. The weather promises to be nice, so either Sat. afternoon or Sunday I'll go and check it out.

164 days


SpanishGoth said...

Don't forget to get a "thingywhatzit T-shirt - they might be worth something

Anonymous said...

This is a "form comment" to my blog buddies.

Poor old Bloggin' Babzy was all worn out so I had to kill her off and bury her in the "Garden of the Past" along with a few other characters, thought patterns, bad habits, and old shoes. In time I will be starting a brand new blog with a completely different focus and will send you the link.

Until then enjoy the rest of the summer my friend. Take care.