Monday, March 17, 2008

The Typin' 'o the Green

Happy St. Patty's Day, y'all.

This is the day that Amanda was supposed to have been born - but her father had predicted that she would be born on his birthday (the 10th) and she must have heard him say it enough and so, the very last words she heard from Mom before the contractions started were screamed toward the bedroom from the bathroom: "TERRY!!! YOU AND YOUR G*****M PREDICTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!". Sorry Sweetie - I know it should have been the gentle shake and "Darling - it's time - the baby is coming... " and a shy smile and all. But your bedroom hadn't been painted yet, and the bed was still in pieces in the corner. And I wasn't ready yet!!! I thought I still had another week!

Ah well. *smile*

Tonite we're going to a party - not my forte by a long throw. I get itchy in rooms with too many people in them. It's like there isn't enough air or something. Nobody in this group smokes, so its not that - it is just me being claustrophobic or agoraphobic or possibly just weird.

Over the weekend it was warmer, and almost all the sn*w and ice melted in the back yard. This has made me frustrated, as the weather is not good enough to play in the garden, but I can see what a mess it is and how much work needs to be done on it. A squirrel was screwing around in the dirt a lot this fall, and he made a large mess in the flowerbed.

Have a WONDERFUL day!

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about parties and get-togethers. I get itchy, too. Actually I usually don't even go. Well to be truthful I never go.

BBC said...

I haven't been to a party for ages.

I sprayed my hair green and wandered over to the beer church for two servings of corned beef and cabbage and a few brews and went to bed early.

Croila said...

I always think it really weird seeing Americans writing "St Patty" - in Ireland and over here it's definitely "Paddy's Day" rather than "Patty". :-)

How was the party? Hope you managed to have a good time despite the people thing!

John Good said...

Sew - Did you have a wee sip of that green Chicago River?