Thursday, February 28, 2008

Warning: Politically Themed Post

For those who don't like listening to me rant on about the evils of the Bush Regime, why not just skip down 2 posts and go read about my Dad's wallet - it's a cute story.

"CBS News covers the world at 8:00"

That's the way the radio announcer segues into the headline news on my way in to work every morning. Gotta love WBBM AM.

This morning's top story was about the mortgage forclosure crisis. I gasped. The newsman said that this was the WORST mortgage forclosure crisis since THE GREAT DEPRESSION.

Thank you, George W. Bush. Just as President Clinton told your daddy - "IT"S THE ECONOMY, STUPID!!!!!!!" Another clueless rich boy in the white house and even Dana (I'm sooooo blonde) Perino admits that this didn't happen overnite - Bush has been killing the economy for YEARS!!!!!

So the country heads for another great depression a "Recession", Bush takes a meeting - and then does squat, no doubt, still convinced that Voodoo Reaganomics can work.

Ralph Nader announced he's going to run for President again. You seen a photo of this guy lately? He looks even more like an ambulatory corpse than Keith Richards. Seriously, do we really need another old guy without a clue trying to be a "spoiler" in the election?

On to other (non-political) things:

I fixed my camera. The problem was with the battery door. It wouldn't stay shut, so as soon as I would move my hand to "taking a photo" position instead of "holding the battery door shut" position, the door would fall open and the batteries would fall out.

Seems one of the hinges was just a scootle bit broken - superglue to the rescue, it's all mended now and works fine. YAY

326 days


Leandra said...

Shoot hon, you missed the best parts. Mr. Bush says there is no recession though the economy is slowing down a little bit. According to a recently released report, economists are expecting over 100 banks to fail as a result of the subprime mortgage crisis.

Mr. Bush professed amazement when a reporter mentioned $4 a gallon gas by this summer. Now that's really on top of what's going on,isn't it?

He continued his insistence that the domestic spy program is crippled, though he sort of kind of forgot that the FISA court is still there, still operating, and nothing has changed except he has to keep records and the spying never even slowed down. He also failed to explain why, if the whole program of secret spying was legal, he has to protect the phone companies against lawsuits.

Finally, he sympathized with the poor wage earner who is just trying to put money on the table in hard times. Yes. You read that right. Apparently in the Bush household they put money on the table. Not sure what they do with it once it's there though.

The man is an idiot. If we re-elect him in the form of McCain then this country is going to get exactly what it deserves.

Kvatch said...

"CBS News covers the world at 8:00"

I used to love how the BBC would just assume that, at 3:00am, of course you're listening!

It's 0300 GMT, and here are the headlines from the BBC World Service.

The sun truly never sets on the British Empire! :-)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"CBS News covers the world at 8:00"
You tell good jokes!:)

I honestly believe Bush is a front for something/somebody. The real worry is why does Congress let such a F'ing idiot stay in office?

BBC said...

He isn't fully to blame for the recession even I have plenty of other reasons to dislike him.

Consumers create recessions because they over extend themselves. When large numbers of them do it you get a recession. I think this one will turn into a depression.