Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spending my lotto millions*

750 million dollars.Can you believe it**?

So the first thing I'm gonna do is buy eveybody I know a car. But not just ANY old car like Oprah does when she personally ponies up the cash and buys a bunch of cars has her producer cut a deal with an auto manufacturer to supply free-of-charge a studio-audience worth of new cars.

No no no.

I shall give a specific car to a specific person. For instance:

Leandra will get a brand-new green & white Chrysler 300.
Visionary will get a brand-new black Lincoln Navigator with a plow.
Croila will get a pink humvee.
Kal will get a bright blue PT Cruiser
Rauf will get a zebra car, so he can go quietly and look like another zebra in the forest... (I think zebras don't live in forests, tho...)
Babzy will get a happy yellow stretch limosine with a gorgeous driver named Sven.
BBC will get a Diesel Dodge Ram Pickup truck in white - modified to run on french-fry oil.
Amanda will get a green VW beetle.

Und so weiter.

Just imagine it, guys! You open your door up and peek outside and see a brand-spanking-new set of wheels waiting for you!

I think the second thing I'm gonna do is buy houses. I want to own both my grandmothers houses, as well as the house I grew up in, and a very large, very secluded house somewhere in North Carolina - far enough away from the coast so as to not be hurricane-fodder.

Sure, that's a lot of houses, but my greed is insatiable - not to mention that 750 mil can buy a lot of real estate, which should be a good investment again after this current crisis passes.

Tomorrow I will go looking for furniture...

*Long before even buying a ticket.

**I hope not!! I don't believe ya'll are THAT gullible...

333 days.
Grampa used to drink warm "333" beer. I shall take this as an omen.


visionary said...

Change mine to a Caddy Escalade and you have a deal.

Amanda said...

but maaaaaa!
super cute vw beetle will NOT traverse well on icy ozark mountain roads! something BIGGGG and GREEEEEN with tires as big as a VW beetle!!!!! Besides, you are forgeting about you! Blue Prius (sp?) with a big ass mouse on the driver door! CMOOOOOON MAAAAAAA! It'd be SPECTACULAR!

Croila said...

Oooooooh! A pink car! Mind you, I had to google what the heck a humvee is. And much as it is sooooo kind of you to offer me one, when you win the lottery that is, I dunno if I could park it :-( I'm RUBBISH at parking!

BBC said...

Thanks hon, but I don't want a new truck, too much pollution is created in making new vehicles and my old one should last the rest of my driving days being as I often use only one tank of fuel a month.

Treat yourself to a really good camera instead, and send the difference to a charity.

BBC said...

On second thought. There is getting to be some pretty decent electric cars on the market.

If I had one of them I would only have to use the truck for camping and a few other little things.

Yeah, I would love an electric. Actually what I would like is enough money to modify a Pinto or Toyota to all electric.

The best electrics are being built by 'backyard tinkerers' and not the auto companies.

Daisy's said...

So glad someone else is on to Oprah.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Gosh! And I just won $800 Mil!! Then I woke up.

But not before I was able to buy every single network (they were on sale), and fire everybody that ever pissed me off!

Lot's of job openings coming up.:)

Leandra said...

I got to see one of those cars. Wow. Pretty posh. I would look good in one of those. Leather and air I assume? I could just sit inside and smell the car all day. Very pretty.


750 mill eh? That'd keep me in beer and curry for a few months

BBC said...

I see that it is still winter over there. It's been so nice here.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Youuu. That is the sweetest offer I've ever had. Imagine a happy colour to cheer me up. A limo that I don't need to drive, myself. And Sven. Ohhhhh Baby! I think he does massages, too. Is the limo big enough to carry a massage table? I think so.