Monday, November 05, 2007

Vacation - part II

Hah - thought I died on the way back, didn't you? You should be so lucky. Bah.

So Dad and I had a great time, at least *I* did. I suspect he did too, although he thinks I was bored. Mostly I needed time to just relax and be with Dad. The shuffleboard thing was cool too, in an old and silly sort of way.

Anyhow, coming back was rough. I did the drive in 2 days instead of three, and my eyes are not doing so great with driving anymore. I'm ok for a few hundred miles, then the lines in the road and all the darting about to make sure no idiots are hitting me becomes tiring. Perhaps I need to do this more, rather than less, because I think if I did the muscles in the eyes would re-adjust.

Marry-your-kinTucky was beautiful on the way back. I'm not usually all that fond of it, being as it is kind of an unnecessary evil between me and Susan in Nashville, Lori in Atlanta and Dad near Orlando - but the fall colors were in full swing and the gorgeous greens and golds and oranges and the occasional flash of bright scarlet were wonderful. I thought of Rauf and his photographs - he would have liked this, even though the colors were more muted and neutral than the bright vivid colors he snaps.

Of course, all this at 75 mph on curvy roads in the lumpiness of Kentucky, so no photos from ME!!

Discovered the delights of "Ginger Beer". It's kind of like gingerale, but not as sweet, not as bubbly - and MUCH more ginger flavored. I decided I like it. There is a store here where I can get it too!

No iced-tea incidents on the way back - once is enough, and I can remember. I did stop at another Comfort Inn - which was equally nice to the nights on the way down - but they didn't give me a username/password for the interwebs access, so I was without for that night. (By the time I figured out I needed it, I was too tired to tromp back down to the lobby and ask for it - and I hate trying to figure out hotel phones)

So the vacation was great - getting back to work was great - and I'll post the final installment on the "Mystery Quilt" on next Sunday when all the laundry is done.

The cats hated me, btw, when I got back. Mindi even hissed at me - which got her some stern words and a glare. Within about 10 minutes they were snuggling up for pets and treats, however. Too old to stay angry long, I suspect.

Ok - off to work.

441 days


Anonymous said...

Ginger Beer? Is it beer or pop? (soda, whatever you call it). I would like to try that.

Sew, you said getting back to work was great. I don't believe I've ever said that in my life.

Your cats were just letting you know they didn't appreciate your absence. Anything more than an overnight is too long in their view. But they didn't hold a grudge. That's good. They know who hands out the treats.

BBC said...

Yeah, my eyes are not doing all that great these days either. I hate driving at night.

I don't do 75 mph anymore, prefer to piss others off doing the speed limit. 75 is a good way to kill yourself if something goes wrong, and it can at any given moment.

It's good that you got back safe and sound, I'm pleased that you enjoyed your trip and your time with your father.

Does this mean that you are not going to be such a cranky old bat in the future? I think not. LOL

But I will still love you anyway. :-)

BBC said...

"Too old to stay angry long, I suspect."

So how long are you going to stay angry at me?

Just asking.

But I do know that when you love someone, when they tick you off it takes you longer to get over it.

Remember, I loved you before I met you. I could always love you more, but I will never love you less.

And I know that you love me, you just won't admit it. And I'm sorry if I hurt you in anyway. I mean, I would never do that to you on purpose. Mutter, mutter.

Have a wonderful day Sew. Hugs.

Visionary said...

You really don't know her, but she hates men like you, Billy.

Hates them.

No matter though... keep convincing yourself that they need you and want you.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"The cats hated me, btw, when I got back. Mindi even hissed at me - which got her some stern words and a glare. Within about 10 minutes they were snuggling up for pets and treats, however. Too old to stay angry long, I suspect."
My wife's (pretty old) Calico is like that if we're gone a night or more. Crawls under the bed, won't talk to anybody for a half hour - then you can't shake her for two days after.

amandaB said...

Hiya mom.
So I wasn't sure if you still had the same phone number or anything since it's been quite some time, but I knew I could find ya here on the internet and say hi, I'm doing fine and all that. I have enjoyed reading your adventures, especially ones that involve Kili or Mindi. (they should meet my Herman.) Me and the hubby have moved to Eureka Springs in Arkansas, we love it here. anyway, I do love you and hope you are well, keep blogging!

BBC said...

Visionary... I'm well aware of the fact that Sew hates how many men are. As I hate how many women are.

We may know each other better than you think. But we do have our differences, that does not mean that we are fond of each other on some levels though.

Maybe we couldn't live together, have a close relationship, but we can still be fond of each other.

We just hit a bump in the road, maybe we will work it out, and when I say I love her it doesn't mean I love her at a ten, it just means that I love her, and if you had the brains you think you do you would see that.

Some visionary you are, nitwit.
*Smiling sweetly*