Monday, April 02, 2007

Wheat Gluten and Pets

Please, please, please - if you have pets:

Go to your cupboard and check everything - treats, food, kibble, dry, wet, pouch... EVERYTHING that you might feed them. If it has Wheat Gluten in it - please throw it away right now.

The FDA is refusing to release the name of the US distributor of the tainted Wheat Gluten that has poisoned many pets - (gee, I wonder if it's some big RNC contributor like... Archer Daniels Midland?) - but the stuff is tainted, and in many many cases lethal.

Now if you don't have pets - go check your own cupboards for foodstuffs containing this stuff. Seems the Chinese company that sold it to the [name withheld by FDA for possibly POLITICAL REASONS] company sold it as FOOD GRADE - not "FEED GRADE" - which means it was sold as being suitable for consumption by humans.

Now go call your congresspersons and demand that something be done immediately - and that the distributor be identified IMMEDIATELY.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Peacechick Mary said...

So, this tells us once again that the deregulation bunch in D.C. screwed us and possible screwed us to death.

BBC said...

I have kind of followed that, because I buy my dry cat food at Walmart. But it seems that some of it might even be in Science Diet brands.

I just read the label, it doesn't list wheat gluten as an ingredient so I guess I will keep feeding it.

It does list corn gluten meal, I wonder if that is going to show up as a suspect next?

They are growing a lot of corn in this country for making fuels with, maybe they aren't so picky what they use on the corn for fuels? And maybe some of that corn gets in the food chain?

I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud.

pissed off patricia said...

Raw Story has a lot of info on this and Dennis Kucinich is on top of it and looking into just exactly what happened. In that same article I learned that "The FDA currently only examines 1.3% of all food imported into the United States, according to the Associated Press."

So while we are removing our shoes and tossing out our shampoo before we board a plane, over 90% of the food coming into our country from other countries is not being inspected. Think about it.

BBC said...

I can only spend so much time thinking about and worrying something, POP.

And the food I eat isn't a top concern to me. Hell, I drive around uncaring monkeys almost everyday that can take me out.

I've already lived thirty years longer than I expected to. I could care less if something I eat tomorrow kills me.

I'm tired of this life anyway. But being omnipresent means that I will just start the next one. Oh well, at least I will be young again even though they will be teaching me a lot of stupid shit again.

But the great thing is that they support you for a number of years before you are expected to make it on your own. LOL