Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What I did on my Late-Autumn vacation - cont'd.

So, I met Brisco the dog, and got the royal treatment by S and Leandra - including all the Diet Pepsi I could stand. These 2 women are great cooks, btw. Thanksgiving feast was absolutely awesome, I even ate a second helping of orange potatoes (yams, sweet potatoes... whatever. They're orange.) I usually don't because folks make them too syrupy sweet. These were great.

I have no idea what order things went in from this point - but we drove into Seattle to visit a store I found there years ago when I was with Flappy - Gargoyles Statuary - in the university district. I love this store. It's got atmosphere and some really adorable merchandise. The prices aren't entirely outrageous either - although I have to limit myself to ONE piece each visit (I could easily load up on them!)

Leandra loved it too - she bought a cute little squatty round box with a dragon on the lid, done in a verdigris on black finish with celtic knots around the bottom part. I got a moon goddess in a dark walnut stain.

This is the same shop that sold me "Smokey" - my dragon. Nothing there was quite as impressive as Smokey this time - but everything is visually interesting and although the store is not huge, it does take quite a while to check the whole place out. I picked up one of their catalogs on the way out.

Then we went to do lunch. I kinda wanted seafood, so Lea asked her Garmin GPS (Lea is directionally-challenged) for a restaurant, and it led us to a mall. I am going to suppose that the seafood place was in the mall somewhere, but we didn't feel like braving mall traffic on the weekend after Tgiving, so we decided to go to the mexican restaurant around the corner. Food was good, but when we left, the GPS unit kept trying to get us to go back into the mall, instead of giving up on that and letting us go home.

Eventually we got home, however, and without having to stop for more coffee!!

We did a lot more running about and having a good time - just spending time with my friend and her daughter was great.

Flew home on Monday, a little more crowded than on the way out, but not too bad, except for having to get up at O-Dark-Thirty to get to the airport before dawn. (While Starbucks does not open that early - the espresso-hut did!! 24oz mocha with 2 extra shots...) Another semi-uneventful flight (kept getting knocked in the knee by the drinks cart as the flight-floozies rolled it back and forth repeatedly.)

Got back to O'Hare, bit of a wait on the luggage, took a cab back to the house - got in around 5:30 pm, and spent the rest of the evening being very POINTEDLY ignored by two miffed cats who felt they had been deprived of their Bastet-Given-Right to pets on demand.

After emptying my suitcase almost directly into the clothes washer, I cooked up a batch of "Tyson's Jumbo Wings O'Fire", had a nice large glass of wine and sacked out early - knowing I had to go to work the next day.

The rest of the week I spent catching up at work and agonizing over what to get for C&L for a baby gift. C works with me, and his wife L is expecting their first, and the shower was on this last Saturday. I ended up hitting K-Mart and picking up a few odds & ends in green and yellow (they've opted to wait for the birth to find out gender), and a copy of Dr. Spock and a set of childproofing locks & latches & socketplugs. Her mom and 2 other relatives (aunt? cousin? I'm terrible with this stuff) really threw a heck of a bash. Nice posh restaurant/banquet hall, good food and pretty decorations.

These ladies could start their own mini-business doing party consulting, with their attention to detail.

So, starting tonite, I'm going to have to get all those holiday cards finished and into the mail, and then I think I'll try to find some time to work in a pedicure and some "me" time.

But it's been fun - and I think I'm liking that again!

412 days


BBC said...

Well, it sounds like you ate well, but I'm not sure that is a good thing for you.

But whatever I guess, it is your life, even if you shorten it that way.

But it was nice to see a new post.

And maybe you won't be pissed at me forever. Or maybe you will, that would be your choice.

Visionary, shut the fuck up before you even say anything. *Smiling sweetly*

Leandra said...

Just because we're good cooks doesn't mean we cook garbage. It is entirely possible to eat well without eating unhealthily.

Besides, if you read all the reports, everything including the air, water, etc. is toxic in some way. I personally think it's a bunch of crap. Simply eat smaller amounts, and pass on the hyper processed foods, anything loaded with chemicals, and stop eating trans fats and high fructose corn syrup. Try cooking rather than buying premixed.

I am not convinced that if you starve yourself or eat only stuff that tastes like processed cardboard that you actually live any longer. I think it just feels that way.

Visionary said...

Billy... you'd have a better chance bending over and learning to fuck yourself before that would ever happen.


No!!!!! Don't eat small amounts!!! Eat what the hell you like and enjoy!!!

My grandad was told another bacon sandwich would kill him and he said "Balls!" and ate three.

Ok they killed him but he enjoyed them!!!

er...is there a ruck of some sort goin' on here?

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"(yams, sweet potatoes... whatever. They're orange.)"
Oh no they ain't! They're the food of the devil, evil, sinister WMD's.:)

I see consideration doesn't go as far as it used to.

Anonymous said...

Yams are not as evil as turnips. (eeewwwww) or parsnips (double eewwww) although I would certainly eat them if someone took the time to cook a nice meal.

You sound very chipper, Sew. I think goofing off work and spending time with friends, eating, drinking, shopping is an excellent way to spend Thanksgiving.