Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mystery Quilt 2007 - Part 10

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Today is the day - we're going to take all the leftover cut bits and finsih the top of our quilt! Grab the 5 rows of squares that you assembled last week, and the six very long strips of Color A.

Take one strip of color A and sew it along the long edge of one of your rows of squares. Do this to each of the 5 strips.

The next part is to attach the 5 strips to one another, keeping an "A" strip between each of the rows of pieced blocks. You will want to make an effort here to keep the squares in line with one another. The blocks should look as if the pointy bits of each triangle-mini-block are pointing to the ones in the next row. We strive for Symmetry. The lovely part about using these intervening "Sashing" bits (the long "A" strips) is that if you are off by a small amount, it's less noticable.

Sew the final "A" strip to the edge of the pieced blocks that doesn't have one - and you should end up with a lovely pieced quilt-top that looks like this:

For those of you who have made quilts before - now is the fun bit - you know how to finish. For those of you who have not - I'll begin next week with the basics of how to assemble the quilt and turn this pieced top into an actual blanket.

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