Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Geese on a Date

I really do need to learn to bring my digital camera along with me more often, although I'm not sure there would have been time to capture this "Kodak Moment" even if I had brought it today.

My office is in an "industrial complex" - lots of small manufacturing/warehousing buildings in a 3-4 square block area. Traffic usually fairly moderate at all times, a bit heavier at morning, noon and evening rush. Substantial 18-wheeler use.

One street does a dog-leg turn from the E-W street to the N-S street - and I have to navigate that one to get to our offices, which are at the end of a cul-de-sac off that dogleg. The morning haze had not yet entirely burned off, and as I approached the curve, through the mist I see 4 "poles" sticking out of the road up ahead. Slowing down, I realized the "poles" were, in fact, Canadian Geese necks - two going South together, and 2 going North together.

Looked like geese on a date. I LOL'd.

Fortunately, they were conscientious geese and got out of the road before I got too close. It was so cute.

We have too many Canadian Geese around here. The area cannot support the numbers, and they are crowding out some of the other waterfowl - especially my favorites, the Mallard ducks. Some towns have taken to having patrols that go around and find nests and break the eggs before they hatch. I sure hope the right-to-life (Anti-Choice) Xtians don't find out about this - it's GOOSE ABORTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CALL THE POPE!!!!!!!!

467 Days



The Pope???? Geese are Catholic?

Bloody hell I know religion is losing believers but Geese?

....Mind you better'n Islamic Fundamentalist Geese. Yer couldn't stop them flying into things could yer?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are more Canada geese in the US than in Canada. They're such a nuisance and they don't need a passport.

BBC said...

I guess that Canadian Geese need to go somewhere.

Leandra said...

We used to have Canadian geese at a place where I once worked. Nasty pests, not to mention that trying to get to my car was like walking through a minefield.

They picked the wrong person to hiss at one day. I was coming out of work in a really bad mood. I loved my job but some recent changes had made working there further impossible and I had just tendered my resignation along with everyone else in my department. I wasn't in the mood for a pissing contest with a damned macho goose.

This one lookout goose started hissing at me. I told him to STFU. He decided I was a threat, spread his wings with his head out, his beak open hissing, and ran at me. I slapped him so hard he landed on his butt then stood there like an idiot yelling at him. He had the good sense to get his feathered tookus out of there, though he looked at me as if I had lost my mind.

BBC said...

I got to wondering what the natives called Canadian Geese before the white folks showed up.

Maybe the white folks named them Canadian Geese because their first awareness of them was seeing them return from their summer places up north?

I think they are native to this country and just go north for the summer to breed. Only more of them seem to stay here to breed now.

They are welcome here, if things get bad they are edible. I'd rather eat a goose than one of these darn seagulls.

Anonymous said...

Leandra - you slapped a goose! That would have made a great video.