Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Lord of the Rings

Been doing a bit of MAJOR work around the house, and in need of some background noise. Since the cats have disabled the audio system, and I haven't gotten off my fat derriere to purchase even just a crummy CD player for the livingroom, I popped in LOTR last night while I was working downstairs.

Now, mind you, I ONLY ever will watch or listen to the EXTENDED VERSION of the 3-film trilogy, since the theatrical release should have been named "Lord of the Arwen" considering the oral gratification that was OBVIOUSLY going on involving Mr. Jackson's Johnson and the silicon-enhanced simpering lips of Ms. Tyler. It's the only justification I can imagine for him goosing up the throw-away character of Arwen - a MINOR, BIT CHARACTER in the Tolkein original.

Speaking of Ms. Tyler's pudgy lips, why the heck she felt the need to get all those injections is beyond me - she's got the wide-mouth-frog genes on her dad's side already. [/katty snark]

Anyhow - the LOTR extended version is absolute magick, and great for the "background noise" thing - although it is hard not to sit down and get caught up in the story. Perhaps if I am "good" and finish up all the chores this week, I will reward myself and let me watch the whole thing "marathon" style with popcorn and Pepsi this weekend.

I think I've narrowed down the hotel thing to 2 or 3 choices. Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely go with a "chain" place, and if I stay a bit outside the city limits that will help on the cost as well.

I think they are going to re-roof my condo. They did the one next-door last week, and this morning there were rolls of roofing material on top of the low-level-ranch outside my upstairs hall window. I wish they would fix the fences first, but every time they screw around with the fences, they end up mutilating my garden. I hate sub-contractors.

482 days


BBC said...

"Speaking of Ms. Tyler's pudgy lips, why the heck she felt the need to get all those injections is beyond me."

Got me, maybe because she wanted to catch up with your fat ass?

Hey, just saying. You only have a fat ass because you choose to have one. Yes, I know that you have excuses, but they are just excuses.

"I hate sub-contractors."

Um, so who decided to live in a condo where others decide what they should have?

Hey, just asking. :-)

Visionary said...

A) there isn't a thing wrong with fat asses. Bony asses aren't very comfy.

B) You're just sayin' 'cause you've deemed unworthy of a females' buttocks, fat or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

NOW I know why Sew's next post came about. (I'm reading backwards)

Visionary, you ARE a visionary and a gentleman.

Billy, speaking of asses ...

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I'll take a fat ass, over a skinny, dysfunctional brain, any day. One, the former is often connected to a very nice person, Two, the latter is always connected to a big asshole looking for the attention they don't warrant otherwise.

Just sayin'

BBC said...

Babzy... You haven't seen my ass, or you would understand that most women think that it is pretty sexy.

Everyone to their own tastes though. But hey, if you want a man with a skinny ass why do you think he would want a woman with a big ass?

The only reason I can think of is if she really liked sex and wanted him everyday.

Come on, lets get real here.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't referring to your rear-end, Billy. I was referring to your character.

Visionary said...


It's called personal preference you stupid bastard. Not all guys prefer the popular socially driven scrawny woman. I prefer mine with meat. Thats as real as it gets man. A lot of other dudes do as well. You need to get your face out of the pr0n mags and see what real women look like.

Way to go against the grain, Billy boy. Frelling drone.