Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fall has Fallen

Ok, that's a stupid title - but "Spring has Sprung" is equally stupid. It was COLD this morning. I kept having to leap back into the covers to get warm because I left the windows open in the bedrooms and the hall. One can only take SO long of a hot shower before even the greatest new water-heater is depleted.

For once, however, I've not encountered as many hordes of yellow-jackets as usual. This is a Good Thing©.

If you didn't read yesterday's post about Mattel - please do. Your kids' lives may depend on it.

Our dear Babzy has taken to using the word "georgebush" in replacement for "Fuck". Much too long for me to type, and in my not-so-humble opinion, FAR more offensive than a simple euphenism for coitus. Babzy, you little potty-mouth. *grin*

495 days


Frederick said...

Oh yes, it's suppose to be in the 40s hear during the nighttime later this week.

Anonymous said...

40's here would be so damned hot I would have to take off my clothes and prance around naked.

(40 deg celsius - hahah I love pulling your Yankee legs.)

Sewmouse said...

Prancing around nekid in 40 deg. F would have you looking very... um... "Perky", Babzy.


Croila said...

It's getting cold here too, but then again, this is Scotland. We live with the permafrost :-(

"georgebush" ... I like it! *snigger*

The Future Was Yesterday said...

96 here yesterday...cold wave today...only 85 so far.

"Georgebush" ruins the long standing and well earned reputation of a fine word, and I won't stand for it!:)

Pick something like slime or shitball...leave fuck alone!:)


I wish he would georgebush off

Leandra said...

Do I dare say it's upper 70s and bright sunshine here? A gentle breeze is ruffling the trees and wafting through the open windows. *hides behind the door*

Our weather is generally so icky I think I've earned a few days of decent weather.

Oh, I found the last pattern for the last thing I am making my granddaughter (that is assuming Sewmouse manages to find that lily pad and frog pattern). I'm set. Christmas is set. Screw Mattel.

BBC said...

It was absolutely beautiful here yesterday, warmer than normal for this time of year.

And it was nice today other than it was foggy and cool until noon when the fog burned off. And then the fog came back about five and it started cooling down again.

As of this comment it is foggy and 56.7 degrees outside so it isn't too bad.

I'll be done painting George's home soon so I don't care what it is like after that, I will deal with it.

That is what we have to do, deal with things, like it or not.

And I'm not calling G.W. anything other than what he is, a fucking idiot.

Leandra said...

Spring has sprung. Fall has fell. Winter's here. It's colder than usual.

BBC said...

Hum, Leandra lives not far from me and it is colder than usual there? It seems pretty normal for this time of year where the temps bounce around a lot.

I'm okay with the weather, it's not too hot or too cold. We could use a little rain though.

SpanishGoth said...

So what do you do in summer? Summon things?

Cool - I will summon a lottery win with lots of popcorn and champagne and death to all religious fanatics