Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Boycott Mattel this Christmas

Folks, I know I've sent out a few "this is bad for the world" shouts for not supporting various "artists" or companies, but this time I am asking that you think of the safety of your family.

This week, Mattel has announced yet another toy recall. More lead paint and other dangerous things in their toys. Did you know that Fischer Price is owned by Mattel? You remember Fischer Price - those toys for tots with the fat little people and things, that kids are forever putting in their mouths?

The Chairman and CEO of Mattel doesn't think this is a problem. Poisoning your children or grandchildren is too bad - but he has a bottom line to manage, and regardless of what the law says, his bottom line is more important than your kids' health. Don't believe me? Would you believe the man's own words from the Wall Street Journal?

"Mattel Chairman and Chief Executive Robert Eckert said in an interview that the company discloses problems on its own timetable because it believes both the law and the commission’s enforcement practices are unreasonable. Mattel said it should be able to evaluate hazards internally before alerting any outsiders, regardless of what the law says." Wall Street Journal, August 7, 2007

Nope. That man is not at ALL concerned about your kids.

So here is the deal. I'm not asking you to boycott Mattel in order to get them to change their practices or their suppliers - not asking you to try and force them to make their toys HERE where there is oversight and they are held responsible. I'm asking you not to buy anything from Mattel for your kids so that they aren't poisoned.

Because unlike Robert Eckert, I care about your kids, even if I've never seen or met them. And I'd rather see them playing with something that won't kill them.

Leandra has already decided not to purchase any toys for her granddaughter this christmas. She is going to make toys from patterns I'm sending her that I bought from Annie's Attic many years ago. Stuffed animal dogs that actually LOOK like the breeds, a tote-bag barn full of small stuffed barnyard animals. A travel pillow with a pouch shaped like a lilypad that holds a stuffed frog toy. Knit sweaters and vests. "Pretend" food and drinks made from yarn and plastic canvas.

I have no personal connection with Annie's Attic other than as a satisfied customer. Their patterns are adorable and many of them make up very quickly and easily. If you make it yourself, you KNOW what is going into it.

Think about it, please. Please take care of your children. You know Mattel has already stocked up on whatever it is they plan to sell for Christmas. Their warehouses are full, and with the constant, continuing "oops, made in China, got lead in it" recalls, I am fearful for the fate of the kids who get these poisoned toys this christmas.

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Croila said...

Good god. I'm appalled at what you've written about Mattel. Disgusted. D won't be getting anything from them, that's for sure ...

Leandra said...

It's all true. Mattel sat on the information about the lead-contaminated toys for months before finally releasing it only because someone was leaking the report to the press. Otherwise they might have waited for more months.

I will not permit my granddaughter to be some sort of science experiment in bad business. She's a precious little girl. I am making every one of her gifts this year. I'm a skilled crafter, so it's more a matter of time than of ability. Thanks to Sewmouse I already have some of the patterns and am actively seeking more.

I haven't found the right sweater yet, for instance, though it's just a matter of time. I am seriously considering a pink Aran knit and am holding off only because I'm not sure I'll have time for Aran because I am making so many other things this year.

I will not buy a single child's toy commercially again until something is done to ensure their safety.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sew, I'll be reading your post later but for now wanted to tell you.... I tagged you. :)

Visionary said...


*hustles off to tell the wife about the fuckfaces at Mattel*

BBC said...

I grew up on lead based toys, I grew up in a lead mining town where the river ran gray. Lots of folks did. Now to get my daily dose of lead I have to buy Chinese products. LOL

The only man I've ever known that got lead poisoning was a man I worked for in a service station in Seattle. He pumped most of the gas and back in those days it was full service.

But I worked with leaded gas a lot as a mechanic also. I worked with lots of nasty things, even for a while in a nasty lead smelter, guess I'm just a tough critter.

Anonymous said...

Ingesting lead over a life-time could explain why some of us are the way we are.

Seriously, I am also spreading the word about these toys to my family and friends with kids or grandkids.

Good post, Sew.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Excellent idea, and I would suggest you ask your readers to write Mattel a month or so before Christmas, and let them know what they are doing, and why.


I swallowed a subbuteo table foorball player once. As far as I know it's still in there somewhere. Still they're only plastic. I think...

John Good said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Sew!

Leandra said...

I tried to write Mattel. There is curiously no way of emailing them available on their website any more. I wanted to tell them that I for one refused to buy a single toy this Christmas. Not one for any reason. I will make everything. In fact, I'll post pictures of my stuff on my blog just for the heck of it.

Lots of work? Sure. But this is my granddaughter we're talking about.

Visionary said...

oh trust me BBC, we all can see that you've worked with lead products for the entirety of your 263 years on the planet.

BBC said...

Visionary, have I ever mentioned that you are a frigging idiot?

You don't know me, maybe you don't know shit about anything but just think that you do.

Some of the greatest minds on this planet grew up in worse conditions than I did, you idiot. It's all about processing.

I suggest that you get a better bullshit filter. In fact I suggest that you get a real ID and stop hiding because that makes you nothing but a speck of dust. :-)

Anonymous said...

An important post Sew! I don't have kids but will keep it in mind when it comes to my nieces and nephews.


Visionary_thinks_BBC_is_pole_smoker said...

"Visionary, have I ever mentioned that you are a frigging idiot?"
Yeah, you mentioned it, but so far no one has believed you.

"You don't know me, maybe you don't know shit about anything but just think that you do."
I only know what you put out there for us to see, which is 99% bullshit. I form my opinion based on what you offer. You might be Albert Einstein, but based on your posts here, you are merely a moron with a superiority complex.

"Some of the greatest minds on this planet grew up in worse conditions than I did, you idiot. It's all about processing."
I agree. However, overcoming adversity doesn't make one a great mind. It just makes one persistent. Unless, of course you are suggesting that you are a great mind. In that case I'd say you are mistaken.

"I suggest that you get a better bullshit filter. In fact I suggest that you get a real ID and stop hiding because that makes you nothing but a speck of dust. :-)"
Not having a real ID would make my opinion more or less valid? It's not an anonymous opinion. Sew knows who I am and that's all that matters. Having a valid ID means nothing. It's just letters; pixels on the data highway.. unless you really believe sewmouse's name is really sewmouse, or babzy s really babzy in the really real world. etc etc?

Besides, I get to be inventive with my nick when I want to be.

Nice highschool tact, Billy. The fact is my opinion is just as valid as yours, and prolly more so, but i digress.