Thursday, August 16, 2007

Work and Mystery Quilt Correction

ACK - TYPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Color C should be 1 1/2 yards... not just one yard. Flog me. I have typed badly and feel like crap about it. It isn't the end of the world, but... Bad me. Bad, bad me. I need to proof read these things more than just the once!!!


Mea Culpa - I beg your forgiveness, Mysterious Quilters.

Now, off to work. This weekend is our company picnic. Um. I hope. I actually like our company picnic. Good food, people get to bring their families, fresh air, sunshine, fresh lemonade, bingo with prizes, bees, yellowjackets, ants.... Ah, dining al-fresco in August!

I like that about this place. Well, I like a lot of things about this place. For one, the owners are some of the most HONEST businessmen I've ever encountered. I don't feel as if I should be ashamed of where I work - which I have felt at some previous jobs. I don't feel as if the owners are out to fleece the customers, the vendors or the government/tax folks. They play fair. This is also something not common in business.

Anyway - the bank statement is balanced, the dread credit-card statements are all done, and I just have to push some checks into some envelopes and make a few more journal entries and I'll be in excellent shape for tomorrow. Oh, and I have to type 2 manual checks. Accounting. "As Boring As They Told You It Was."

I had a terrible encounter last night when I got home. I found a bug on the tomato bush. It looked like a Tomato Hornworm - but... it was all covered all over with these little white things that looked like baby maggots. A few of the small white things had fallen to a branch below it as well. *GAG* *PUKE*

I grabbed my trusty rusty garden shears and my trusty rusty spade, and the 2-year-old packet of Sevin. Dusted the living HELL out of the plant, it looks as if it had been through a sandstorm - then cut the leaf off with the disgusting bug, tossed it in the corner, cut off the infected branch below (losing 8 baby tomatoes in the process... grrrrr)and also tossed that in the corner and then poured bleach over the entire mess and followed up with an application of "Round-UP" on top of the bleach.

Fucking bug better be dead. And all his little "friends" too.

*shudder* I couldn't bring myself to do what I USUALLY do to tomato hornworms - cut them off the branch and then smash them with the trusty rusty spade - because I was afraid the maggot things would fly up at me.

Ok, I'm getting a little sick in my mouth again thinking about this. Time to get back to stuffing checks into envelopes.

522 days


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Fucking bug better be dead. And all his little "friends" too.

ROTFL!! Honey, if after all that, he ain't dead - get the hell out of Dodge, cause he never IS going to die!:)

Mary said...

I can't swear but I think that was natures answer to tomato hornworm control. These wasp things lay eggs on them and then they suck the life outta the hornworm. In my experience by the time they get around to it the hornworm had already done his damage so I used to pick (uck) them off and drop them in a jar of soapy water.

Nick said...

Thanks for your comment...we appreciate it.

BBC said...

Why would you use bleach first if you are going to use Round-Up?

Do you know why it costs so much? It's like a sort of sin tax. Because it is really nasty stuff. You will never find it on a farm that wants to be certified as organic.

You might try vinegar, it kills a lot of things, or drives them away.

Shoot, growing tomatoes are so much work that I would rather buy them.

Sayre said...

Okay, I'm new here... came over from Babzy's Blog. What are you counting down to with the "522 Days" (or 523, or 524) at the end of the post?

We had some big green caterpillars eating one of our hot pepper plants. Since we were wondering what they would turn into, we collected them and put them in a big jar. They seemed to be stunned and when they woke up it was like watching someone's LSD trip - they thrashed all over the place and then melted. Must have been the hot peppers they ate.

Sewmouse said...

The countdown is to January 20, 2009.

It MAY be a significant day.
Then again - it may not.

Welcome, Sayre!

Anonymous said...

Sayre, I had to ask Mouse about the countdown, too. But then I'm in a different country.... :)

Hmmmm melted caterpillars on toast. One of my favourites.