Friday, August 17, 2007

New song: He's a Fuktard in a ragtop Beemer...(Singalong)

Pick a tune - any tune. I don't care. Lyrics follow:

You're a fucktard
A fucktard in a baby blue beemer.
You're a fuctard
and your momma should have swallowed.

You're a fucktard
A fucktard in a ragtop beemer.
You're a fucktard
Have you never heard of a turn signal?

You're a fucktard
A fucktard in a BABY blue ragtop beemer.
You're a fucktard
And I feel much better for having written this song.


Tuyet said...

this is rather shocking to read.

Visionary said...

Knock rock, knock rock
Jesus never had a cock
That's right dipshit take a walk.
Fuck you asshole eat my sock.

Remember kids.. nuke an unborn gay dead whale for Jesus!

That was shocking.

Sewmouse said...

you're shocked that a guy driving a baby-blue ragtop beemer cut me off in traffic, Tuyet?

Obviously you've never driven anywhere within 3 to for states of Indiana.

Anonymous said...

She's shocking but loveable.

The beamer guy - he owns the road, didn't you know?

Leandra said...

Visionary has a point about what is shocking, though his isn't that bad either.

Sew has a problem with people from Indiana whom she swears up and down worship traffic cones.