Friday, June 08, 2007

Why Paris Hilton should ENJOY jail

For her at least - it's just like shopping!
Including the bit with the revolving door!!!


No, I don't give a rats ass about her - I just find this whole thing amusing. The things they will do in the Granola State.

Really, though, if I were the judge in this case, not only would I order her immediately back to the jail - I'd insist on her being in the general population, AND I'd also reinstate the 45 day sentance instead of the dumbed-down-for-divas 23 day sentance.

I'm mean like that.

In other news, the Garden is coming along wonderfully, the zucchini is no longer flaccid, and I have emptied the entire "Fibber McGee Closet" and found the water heater, which I cannot SEE where it is that it is leaking at/from, and have measured it as well so I'm now forearmed!

591 days


BBC said...

Yeah, what you said. That little brat, she is back in court this morning I guess.

Beautiful day here, I'll start building the roof for the storage area between the shop and the fence.

Have a great day, hugs.

Anonymous said...

Many celebraties live on another planet so they should all have diplomatic immunity not just the young, pretty ones who don't wear undies.

Peacechick Mary said...

Poor rich kid! Good luck with the hot water heater.

I'm not going to make it with a visit - heading back early AM and family dinner tonight. Sorry, Sew.

BBC said...

I see that the judge did send her back to jail. He, he, he.

Mr Farty said...

Good grief! When I left the Canada she'd just gone in, now she's out? Oh, back in again. All together, do the hokey-cokey...

betmo said...

i have picked much lettuce but everything else is kinda slow- and the flowers look very, very sad. i am optimistic for next year. the only thing i can grow apparently is more grass to replace that which i thought i had ripped out. sigh. sorry about the heater. :)