Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My Zucchini is Flaccid


Got your attention, huh?

It has been raining rather heavily the last couple of days, and the zucchini plant (one of 2 in that pot) has decided to lay down on the job. It looks like it has "E.D.", all limp and flaccid and hanging down droopy. Poor lil' zucchini. It has, however, got little budlets that look like they will become flowers, so that bodes well for eventual edible zucchinis. In fact, if I get one zucc for each of those buds, I'll be having to be a "generous neighbor" type.

Talked to Dad last nite. He cracked his kneecap somehow. He's using a pair of canes to get around, which worries me some. I think I'd feel better if he had real crutches or a walker, to be honest. But he's as stubborn as I am (the nut falleth not too far from the tree), and I didn't even bother to try suggesting it.

I called the plant place last night because the baby blueberry plant is dead. They are sending me a replacement. Michigan Bulb is a very good retailer, I've always gotten quality products from them and they do guarantee their stuff will grow (as long as you water it and grow it in an appropriate "zone".)

My baby lime tree made a flower. The flower has since fallen off, but I'm still rather pleased that it was happy enough to make a flower at all!

594 days


BBC said...

It is sprinkling a bit here but I don't expect much rain today. It would be nice to get the water barrel filled back up though.

I sprayed mine and Helen's trees yesterday.

Guess I'll clean house some this morning. *huh* Don't know why, I can still get in the door. LOL

Peacechick Mary said...

I have a huge lime tree and it has never bloomed no matter what I do. Maybe yours could give lessons.