Friday, June 15, 2007

Killer Doves

Damn mourning doves.

Little waddling poop machines.

I thought I'd gotten rid of them when the association replaced all our outside door lights with ones that had spikey tops instead of flat tops ( like this /\ instead of |-| )

But nooooooo.

No, the fat little flying waddling poop machines have decided that MY GARDEN is the place that they want to use for foraging their nest-building material - and they want to use my perfectly good baby plants for it! I've been finding baby plants torn from their dirty little homes laying all over the ground lately.

Symbol of peace or not - I'm gonna get me a slingshot if they don't stop it!

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Peacechick Mary said...

Those Mourning Doves are persistent in nest making, that's for sure. I understand if you get a little owl statue and put it in the area, they will avoid that. That's what I hear anyway.

Anonymous said...

I've heard about the owl statue, too. They're plastic so you can easily hang them. Approx a foot tall.

The slingshot reminds me of the time I took to shooting crows from an upstairs window. Those horrible things used to dive at us everytime we went outside. My son was only a baby then. I was afraid they'd peck his eyes out.

So I got a pellet gun and shot at them. Missed every time except once. Got it in mid-flight. That was all it took. The other crows must have witnessed it and took for cover. They never came back.

Then my neighbour caught me and told me it was against the law. That was the end of my gunslinger career.

PS. I'm back from my break. Come over for a little visit.

BBC said...


Gaaaaa, I couldn't live anywhere I had to deal with one of them.

I have a slingshot, and a blowgun.

If it isn't a big area how about netting? Doves are very hard to hit and you're not home all the time anyway.

BBC said...

BTW, I've seen birds sitting right next to plastic owls. If it is always there and never moves they just get used to them.

Motorize one that appears to be flying and you may have something.