Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The back garden

These are just the back garden, ya know. My leggy tomato plants (but you CAN just barely see the baby tomatoes in the lower left corner... and the wonderful squash and zucchini plants, and the cukes growing up the trellis (slightly). (If you click on these little pictures they get bigger and you can see details better)

Its not a really big garden, but its adequate for now, and hopefully it will give me what I really want - a few good veggies.

No new word on the houseflood bit. I'm still dealing with damp carpet inside the closet. Need to buy some WD40.

587 days


BBC said...

I don't do any gardening, but my apple tree always produces lots.

Peacechick Mary said...

Very nice. You sure are having some perfect weather for growing things.

BBC said...

The weather here has been so, so. Not really nasty, but not great either. I'm shooting for the 18th & 19th for the camping. I hope that it is at least decent then.