Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Thin and Crappy

Pizzahut.com suxxors.

Last nite I did not want to cook, so I ordered a pizza online.

Build your own. So I did. Asked for "hand tossed" crust, which is a bit thicker and chewier.

Got "Thin and Crappy"

Like eating pizza off a matzo cracker. bleuch. If I wanted thin, I would have called Rosati's who make a nice thin-crust 'za with spicier cheese and you can also get CANNOLI!!!!!!!!!

Cannoli - a dessert, not some weird Denver Pizza-dumpling thing. Cannoli is sweet ricotta and bits of chocolate in a fried tube thingy. Second only to Tiramisu as my favorite Italian dessert.

I should have called Rosati's.

In gardening news, it looks like the peony that I thought had been stolen last year is going to make me 2 flowers this year. The buds are now fully 1/2 inch diameter and are starting to turn reddish, rather than just being little green knobbies. Woot!!

This week I plan to get every last one of the plantlets into the dirt so I can get moving on the other things that need doing around here. I plan to try and pick up a thistle-pricker-remover - a little tool thingy that lets you stab the ground and pull up a thistle by the roots without touching it - and then I'm going to try NOT to blow out my knee again getting the last 24 plantlets into the ground. So far everything else looks pretty good, so I'm crossing my fingers. I'm not real sure about the lime tree or the blueberry bush, but they're still probably going through transplant shock, so I'll give them another week or 2 to start showing some ambition and new growth.

It appears that the fur twins have decided to pretend they don't see the lime tree plant anymore. They've stopped yelling at me about it at least.

622 days

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BBC said...

I get a Pizza Hut pizza once in a while, but I'm not expecting much when I do.

I keep a couple of frozen pizzas in the freezer for when I'm being lazy and just put a little extra grated cheese on them.