Monday, May 07, 2007

Oh hell, it's Monday

Actually, not that bad of a day. I really turned into pistachio pudding this weekend and had all the best of intentions and no energy to comply. This morning was gruesome, but I did manage to do ALL my morning chores, including a certain amount of mutilation of fabric into triangles for Bill's quilt, so all is good. Having to get up to go to work was enough impetus to force me to move instead of veg. Vegging all weekend was Not Good©.

I'd wanted to get all the seedlings/plants into the ground this weekend, but that just didn't happen. I'm still kind of tentative about putting any stress on that right knee, and since I don't have a "kneeling pad" like Mom and Gramma used to use when gardening, I'd have to kneel on concrete or hunker down and over-compress my kneecap which is what blew it out last Wednesday.

I did, however, get the tomato seedlings into big pots with their wire cages, and then put the big pots into the garden over spots that would ordinarily just grow weeds, so that should help keep the weeding to a minimum *cross fingers*

The seeds are still not sprouted out yet, but I think it will take a week or 2 or so for that, so I'm not worried. The cucumber plants look awesome, and even those little primrose that I thought had bitten the dirt have actually come back and look like they might survive. We shall see. I do need to get the butterfly plants, daylilies and the lavendar in out front very soon, however. The geraniums can probably wait a few more days. Gosh, I love geraniums - especially pink and white. I just hope my knee can put up with my digging holes for 24 more baby plants...

I tried to have lunch on Sunday at the Dysfunctional Dennys, but it was even more Dysfunctional than usual - stood there for 15 minutes being ignored while the manager refused to seat anyone and hovered over the cash register as if someone was going to steal it. I finally walked out, and on my way back to my car there was a family walking toward the door - I told them what just happened and told them if they were hungry, they might want to try another restaurant. They turned around and got in their car. I can't be positive, but I think another couple may have decided against "dining" there as well. So Dennys? Ya lost TWO (possibly 3)sets of revenue that way. Just sayin'.

623 days


BBC said...

Boy, I haven't been in a Dennys for years. I go to a local cafe here that has good food, service, and prices.

They are building a Starbucks here, I'm sure I'll never go in it.

My energy was fine this weekend, I got a number of things done.

This morning I went for a two hour bike ride, about 14 miles. Now I think I will take a little nap.

Sewmouse said...

I wish there still were small cafe's around here, but it's almost impossible to find one anymore - except for the "Greek" restaurants (owned, not cuisine)that aren't really all that good.

Other than those, it's all IHOP, Dennys or Baker's Square if you want something like an omelet for lunch.

BBC said...

That is what you want? Drop by, I make good omelets. :-)

betmo said...

sew- i feel your pain. my back gave out this weekend- after a week of digging and beating clods. i hate grass. i got a flower bed with 3 rows of iris, tulips, daffodils, and grape hyacinth planted at moms- on top of the other shade bed that had no grass- so i could just plant. i have started digging up my own yard- and it looks rather pitiful- but i planted veggies on the front porch in pots and window boxes today. i am beginning to wonder if i will survive the summer. i still have to combat the grub problem in both lawns. sigh. good luck!

BBC said...


I am not much of a gardener

An apple tree

A few Aloe Vera plants

A little grass, that is it

Everything else is just too much work