Friday, April 27, 2007

Three Good Things

On another site I visit a lot, I found a lady who has made it a point to list three good things that happen to her over the last 24 hours. I like this idea. I really do need to take a more positive view of myself and my world - the negativity of the last few years has dragged me down to a point where I've been (at times) either so angry I became "not myself" in terms of treating others - or so depressed I've been almost comotose - or so stressed that I've lashed out almost indiscriminately.


1) Last night I finished the 2nd to the last square of the middle row of the fish quilt and realized that if I can keep up this pace, I'll be rolling the quilt again this weekend!

2) I took out the trash to the curb this morning and actually 1/2 RAN the cans out there, and yet was not breathless when I got done. This is a major improvement. The program is working!

3) The guy who put in my new AC unit is a referral from my boss. I cut the check this morning to the guy - then realized that the company is paying him this week too, and he provided the Co. with a self-addressed-stamped envelope, so I can send both my check and the office check in the same envelope and save 39 cents! (ok, that may sound lame, but it made ME feel good!)

4) I found my digital camera and the photos I'd wanted to send someone were still in it - so I sent them!!

Ok, so it's nothing huge like winning the lotto or getting an inheritance from a never-before-known-of rich uncle or something - but... they were happy things.

633 days


BBC said...

I spent time at the beach, the peaceful beach.

Got a great deal on a new table saw.

Bought a baked chicken at Safeway and had a picnic in the parking lot with Helen.

Took naps. :-)

Peacechick Mary said...

Hey, once you start stacking these good things up, they seem to multiply like rabbits.

Anonymous said...

Today me and the kiddo saw all sorts of beautiful flowers. Made my day. :)

Anonymous said...

Karma baby!