Friday, March 02, 2007

Sewmouse and the Blustery Night

Well, as the saying goes, March has come in like a rabid wildebeast. It was massively windy last night. Still blustering today as well. While this is good in a "The weather is finally acting normal again for a bit" kind of way, it makes sleeping difficult because the neighbor has an exhaust hood - thingy - on his roof that rotates like a tazmanian devil on crack, and the windows all rattle because they go <---> instead of up and down.

And it's cold in here! Seriously, if the appliances and health will ever let me get ahead a bit, I do need to get the AC fixed and probably get the entire house HVAC system balanced properly.

Right now, however, I am going in search of toast and coffee. Have a good day.

709 days


BBC said...

It's been frosting here every morning for about a week, and only getting to about 40 during the day, so I haven't been working on the camper until it gets a bit warmer for the spray foam to cure better.

I guess I could put a heater in the camper but there is no big hurry right now.

My place is nice and warm, but I made it. And quite, but again, I made it. Gotta love a foam cell ceiling for helping keep things quite.

Hang in there toots. :-)

Peacechick Mary said...

Wish it were the winds of real change, but we'll take the winds bringing springlike weather. It should be around the corner.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"In like a Lion, out like a lamb." I'm a Michigan escapee.:) When that March wind gets whipping around, it's near impossible to keep it all out. Pile on the layers, and keep the faith. Spring does come, up there!!

Anonymous said...

Here in Babylon by the Bay, the days are starting to lengthen and with it the temperatures are rising--good weather ahead, I think. Well, at least until "the Foggy Season" starts.