Friday, September 29, 2006

'Snot Funny

'snot funny at all.

I need a decongestant in the worst way, and of course they ALL are contraindicated because of the blood pressure thing... My head is swiftly becoming the Midwest's Finest Snot Factory. Ugh. (Gosh, I hope you aren't doing breakfast or lunch as you read this...)

I have found a new addiction. Yahoo games has this amusing little thing called "Fishtank Tycoon". Stupid, really - you just take care of a fishtank and breed strange fishes and cure ick and fungus and "sell" the fish who survive...

But I loved having a fishtank back in the bad-old-days when I was married, and I still have my 20 gal. long tank out in the garage (probably leaks by now...) and someday I wanna have fishes again (after the cats are gone). My boss Tom has this fishtank fetish, and he has a cool tank in his office with Ciclidthingys and plecostahoozits (Note the creative spellings - intentional). The Chinese restaurant that I get my little white boxes from lately has a hugeongous tank with baby sharks in it!

I love fish and fishtanks, I hate the smell. I hate having to take dead fish off my carpet if Mindi or Kili get into the tank (this has happened). So we wait until I can get a nice tank with a really good filtration system and there are no cats to go "fishin'" in the tank.

In the meanwhile, however, Fishtank Tycoon is fun.

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Croila said...

We had tropical fish for a while when I was a kid - our neighbours left the area and bequethed us their whole acquarium. What a total pain in the arse it was having to "de-algae" it, scraping the sides down getting the green slime off. And the fish, crikey the fish were always dying. Every time we'd see a floater on top my dad would fish (!) it out and throw it to the dog. That dog truly was disgusting. Those poor dead fish didn't even touch the sides of her mouth, she'd bolt them down into her stomach so quickly ...