Monday, September 04, 2006


Ok, I admit it. Last night I was BAD.
Very BAD.

Instead of eating a healthy, nutritious, well-balanced low-carb and high protein/fibre dinner, I ordered a damn pizza.

Stuffed crust, 1/2 mushrooms & green pepper, 1/2 sausage. And a LOT of Diet Pepsi

Now, pizza crust = bad, right? So how come this morning before breakfast, instead of some gawdawful high number, the blood sugar was only 112? And tonite, before dinner - DESPITE COLD PIZZA FOR BREAKFAST..., only 91?

See - I think this doctor is nuts. Yeah, I have blood sugar fluctuations, like everyone else does. But It's NEVER up even near over 150, and usually around 130 or so, which is higher than my Dad's doc wants his to be, but dayum, you'd have thought given what this Dr. was saying, that I was like ready to go blind and have my feet cut off and stuff.

Anyhow, the 91 is a bit low - and I was a bit headachey, so with my lovely 1/2 baked apple, (cinnamon and Splenda) - pot-roasted brisket of beef and boiled cauliflower, I had a nice glass of orange juice.

Freaking health food compared to the pizza. Watch my number be 148 tomorrow morning.



Anonymous said...

You're making me feel hungry. :)

Anonymous said...

Was this a rhetorical question, or do you want a real answer? The real answer is that pizza has a lot of fat in it. Fat slows down the digestion so you don't get a sudden dump of sugars in your bloodstream. In other words, you would be better off eating popcorn with lots of butter than air popped and dry. Yes, I know doctors would tell you that is bad for your heart and cholesterol. Perhaps the real answer is coming up with a balance that works for you.

Sewmouse said...

Wow, Thanks, anonymous!

Unfortunately, being new to this whole numbers game, and trying to learn it without dealing with the condescention of the standard medical community is a struggle.

Thank you very much for the explanation. It does make sense, and I'll have to do some experimenting, I suppose, to find out what sort of mixture works best for me.

I appreciate the answer a lot.

Anonymous said...

you could just go to another doctor and get a second opinion or is it easier and more fun to blame the Dr?

Sewmouse said...

Ok, Anonymous #2 (yes, I know who you are :P ) If my company's insurance didn't suck tepid donkey sweat compared to others I've had, and if I really wanted to subject myself to the BS that Drs put one through...

And what, pray tell, does it hurt you or me or the chainlink fence out back if I blame the Dr. anyhow?

Kind of like when I used to flip off Pike's Peak every morning when I lived in Colorado Springs in the little house with the mice next door to the auto bodyshop.

Sometimes taking out your frustrations on something that can't be hurt by it (I'd never NAME this doctor, for instance) is good for one's mental stability.