Thursday, May 25, 2006

Chicago Cubs Peonies

Jim tells me my Peony bush is a Cubs peony bush - I'll have to wait for next year.

The little bud that looked like it would make a flower has turned into a little black ball that looks like it will fall off.

However, some of my other flowers look like they're about to bloom, and there has been some nice "progression" thus far... Daffodils, Bleeding Hearts, Iris, and soon to be lupines and what looks like daisies, but they might could be something else entirely. These are the flowers that were there last year, but the stick that I left by them to tell me what they were got washed off over the winter so now it's just a plain stick. *grumbles*

Anyhow - if there had been peonies in the middle there, between the end of the Iris and when these new flowers open up, it would really make me hopeful that I can get a continuously blooming perennial garden going.

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