Monday, March 20, 2006

I love my cubicle...

Last week on Friday, I switched desks. Gone from the fishbowl "steno pool" atmosphere of the front office, and into a high-walled private area back in the QA and purchasing departments.

Granted, I am here alone. There is enough floor space to make up a small dance floor, and it is so quiet, I feel as if I can do ANYTHING. No more answering phones, no more having to get up if someone comes to the door, and no more chatty-Cathy co-workers or Nosey Parkers trying to read what is on my screen.

I can eat my lunch in peace, go the accounting stuff in peace, and stay focused on what needs to be done instead of trying to avoid dealing with the shenanigans of co-workers who have declared that they "don't like me".

*rolls eyes*

It's like a little slice of heaven.. *grin*

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