Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Rotary cutters and fingers are NOT a good combination.

Fortunately, the fingertip in question is not as badly mutilated as I first thought, although my bathroom floor is still a biohazard (some blood dripped, but I'm not going to go slopping around with a mop and rags and stuff until this weekend.

The amazing thing is that I did not bleed all over the rest of the house or onto the fabric I was cutting. *smile*

No, no stitches - it's only about 1/4" long - just DEEP. Still hurts some, and bled like crazy on Sunday night when I did it.

Boys and girls - DO NOT try this at home!!

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ZW said...

One Word... Super Glue!

Hold Wound Together, Super glue skin to make bond. Owie all better. by the time the glue wears off, the wound has healed. Ever wonder why that stuff sticks to skin so well? Very similar chemical make up to skin. Matter of fact (Best Cliffy voice) as we speak the marvels of medical science are using specialized glues as wound treatments in emergency rooms throughout this great country.