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Monday, November 28, 2005

The pain...

The pain, in main, is mainly near my... spine. Ok, so it doesn't rhyme.

Tuesday afternoon at work, my back started to spasm. For no logical reason! I started to think back to all the "uh oh... I'm gonna regret this" moments of the past week....

The only 2 that come to mind are 1) helping Mom get out of the bathtub, and 2) bringing in the turkey from the car.

Now - the turkey himself wasn't enough - but together, I am willing to bet it caused this. Tuesday night was horrible. Couldn't sleep, the pain was excruciating. Wed. morning I called my chiropractor from work and got an appointment RIGHT after work. (I love this guy... :) ) He did the usual, ultrasound, some manipulating... Still hurt a lot.

Thursday was Thanksgiving, so no way to get help - Friday morning I broke down and went to the Urgent Care facility and got some meds. Vicodin (yay), Naproxin (nice) and Flexeril (SP?) - which is good. Three hours wait in the UC rooms, 3 meds. I wonder what I'd have gotten if I had to wait longer?

The great bit is that nobody yelled at me. Nobody gave me crap about my weight, etc. Every Dr. has agreed that I HAD to help mom out of the bathtub - couldn't just leave her in there!! So they are all cutting me slack. Yay.

Well, with the meds, the pain is down to a miniscule throb. Without them, it's still fair stiff and painful. Baking my ass for 20 minutes 3x a day is strange too. I never realized how LONG 20 minutes is, when you're flat on back with nothing to do. I tried to read, but the book is too heavy to support for 20 min.

Anyhow - I've gotten some better sleep, so I trudged in to work. Now I should probably DO work. *chuckles and leaves quietly*


  • At 6:27 PM, Anonymous zw said…


    You should try my favorite pain reliever...

    Percocets and Beer.

    Got thru a week of Kidney Stone pain on that cocktail a couple years ago P-)


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