Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Making Someone's Day

I love it when I can make someone's day better. I used to love giving out paychecks back when I worked for the pharmaceutical company. Everyone smiled when I came around on Friday. It felt really good.

Today I got that chance again - in a different, but rather more spectacular way.

Early this morning - 9:00 or so - a man came to our door and said he had found some keys on the sidewalk by our door. Odd. We asked everyone in the plant and office, but nobody recognized them.

Jason went next door to see if they belonged to anyone at any of our neighbors, but nobody had lost any. He even went into the parkinglot and hit the "panic" button on the remote entry/lock device to see if he could locate the car. No luck.

So, we kept the keys on the desk by me - and figured we'd wait & see.

About 1:30 pm, a rather frazzled looking telephone company repairman came to the door and looked sheepish as he explained that he figured it was a long shot, but had anyone found any keys?

I looked him straight in the eye, smiled a little and asked if he could identify them. He looked shocked - then stunned - then hopeful, as he described the large blue plastic keychain bauble from the car dealership. I walked over to my desk, got the keys and handed them right over - he was all but happy-dancing in the lobby.

I told him to have a REALLY great day - and then Virgil came by, saw what was happening and told him to go buy a lottery ticket - it was obviously his lucky day.


I still feel happy at having been able to be the one to make this stranger feel so very happy by returning his lost keys.


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