Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Defining Christianity

I am angry. I am, for lack of a better term... Fucking Furious.

Mom's Altzheimers has taken a turn for the worse, she's now having panic attacks and severe anxiety all of the time. She doesn't recognize their house, she doesn't recognize Dad, and she doesn't believe his drivers' license when she sees it. All according to St. Paul The Lutheran Minister. (My brother)

According to Paul, Mom is down to like 100 lb. and just falling apart. Dad tells a somewhat different tale, but Paul has always liked to exaggerate how bad off Mom is.

But you ask yourself, Gentle Listener, I am sure, What does this have to do with defining Christianity?

Well, St. Paul the Lutheran Minister also told me that he thinks Mom should be put away in a home. And.... and this is what has me in tears... that "hopefully there is some underlying cause, some other thing wrong.. so she will just pass quickly".

Yes, folks, there you have it. The Holier Than Thou Lutheran Minister, St. Paul Himself, wishes my mother was dead.

My mother, who sat up with me night after night when I had the mumps, who rubbed my back and tried to make me feel better when I was sobbing after being the brunt of jokes in school. My mother who was there for me, even when Dad wasn't.

Yeah - Paul wants Mom dead. And the evil, distrustful inner part of me just wonders how much of that is financially driven. I don't trust Paul. I most CERTAINLY do not trust Linda, his wife. Good examples of Christians, the both of them - who want my Mother DEAD.

I am sorry, I cannot continue. I have to go throw up.


sarahhill0846 said...
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Sewmouse said...

I do not allow ANYONE to use MY blog as an advertising tool for their own profit.

Get stuffed, Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Well, I tried it the nice way.

Joan, get off your butt, sell your condo and go help out. If you really want to help your mother then there are no excuses that would prevent you from doing that.

Sewmouse said...

Thank you for your input, Mike.

I will give it all the consideration I feel it merits.