Friday, March 01, 2013

Sorry Guys

I hate having to do this, (even for you, Bill... *grin)  but I've got that annoying 'word verification" thing set to "on" now because 1) I don't need Cialis, 2) I hate spammers and 3) I've got an attitude today.  Deal with it.

Fuck you, Spammers.

I hate spending 15-45 min. a week deleting the fucking spam that keeps getting commented to my ancient post about "Can't catch me 'cuz the rabbit done died".  (I love that song - of course, it is OLD Aerosmith.. *evil grin*)

The sn*w has finally arrived.  It hasn't arrived in quantity here as yet - although I hear Piston's area has gotten seriously hammered.

I got some piccys of Amelia via the Facebook thingy, here is one, because I like it.

Naturally Beautiful - and with a wicked grin!


BBC said...

Cialis, never heard of dat before, but not interested in trying it, my pecker twitched today so spring may be on the way but fuck dat shit, better to just be friends with women and not complicate things with sex.

When it gets half up I just beat it into submission. :-)

You can get rid of spam by not allowing anonymous comments instead of using verification, not that you give a fuck if I have to deal with it, hahahaha

BBC said...

Got snow? None here this year so far.