Thursday, August 09, 2012


Monday at around noon-ish, I noticed a FB post that my daughter and her guy were on the way to the hospital to have their baby. I was excited, yet calm, slightly concerned (because childbirth is never guaranteed problem-free), yet also confident that my daughter would do well.

No word, no word, no word... but still, the daughter took 8 1/2 hours to show up, so I was just being impatient, one of my less endearing traits, I fear.

I had some errands to run, so I got home about 7 pm. About 7:30 I discovered that I had no water. I knew I paid the water bill - paid it well before it was due, in fact. I verified this on the internet with my bank-online thingy. Nothing to do now but wait until morning so I could call the water dept. Sent an e-mail to boss that I'd be late.

About 10 pm-ish, I got the call from J, telling me my granddaughter had arrived. Daughter and Granddaughter both doing well. I was so happy, and slightly overwhelmed and "babbly" - no doubt scaring the baby's daddy with what I jerk I was. (And still angry about the water thingy.)

First thing in the AM I called the office (in case he didn't get message), then called the water dept. They sent out a guy faster than asap - I hardly had time to get out of jammies and into real clothes! A leak in the meter room. Not my fault, not the village fault - gotta call association.

By now I'm furious. (I also have a photo of Amelia, which calmed me down) Got the assn on the line and went thru the hoops they make you jump thru to get something done, which aggravates me a lot - but finally got water back about 2pm Tuesday.

Apparently COMCAST XFINITY installers were installing cable to someone else's condo unit and drilled thru the concrete wall and straight into the main water pipe going to my house.

Not bothering to leave a note. Not saying a damn thing. Just shut off my water and ran away.

I hope their nuts rot and fall off.

OTOH, I'm a grandma, I have the most utterly gorgeous granddaughter on the planet, and now that I have water again, I'm happy!

Whatta Week!


BBC said...

I'd rather have water than kids or grand kids. Why do parents and grandparents think those kids are so cute? I think they are gross little fucks. With dim futures, but nice quilts.

BBC said...

Where is Piston? Who ever in the hell Piston is.

Sewmouse said...

One presumes he is in Maine, where he lives...

BBC said...

Ah, didn't know he lives in Maine. Actually, don't know shit about Piston.

BBC said...

So how long has it been since you've seen that toothpick cup I sent you? If your place is like mine it's six feet deep in shit, but I can still find my sewing machine, hahahaha