Thursday, May 17, 2012

May already 1/2 gone...

Where did it run off to?

I haven't planted ANYTHING at all this year yet. I may not. The quilting bug seems well-entrenched, along with some knitting that I started because I wanted to make something "girly" for Nemo, and there was this cute white and purple and pink yarn at the store. Usually by this time of year I have put out a bunch of "will die soon" annuals and a tomato plant and a pepper or something at least.

I think the mexican bean beetles did me in last year. The bean plants were doing SO well, and then almost overnight they were totally denuded of vegetation. I was teh sad. Not that I am overfond of fresh beans - I actually prefer the ones in a can, sick puppy that I am - but I hate to have my garden produce destroyed by BUGS. Icky nasty disgusting BUGS.

So anyhow, here is a photopiccy of part of little Nemo's quilt that is pieced, laying on my ironing board.
I am having a bit of an issue with getting the pinwheels to line up the way I want them to do - but in the end, it is for a baby, and babies barf and poo and do all kinds of icky messy things on their blankets and such, so I will probably just end up sewing it all together and hoping for the best.

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BBC said...

I haven't planted anything either, but I did buy a pot with two tomato plants in it, I'm blaming it on this nice weather tricking me into spending fifteen bucks on the fuckers.

I'm pretty sure I'll be able to kill them before I get any tomatoes. :-)

The pattern looks fine to me, carry on.