Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Gnats or fruit-flys. I don't care which, I want them OUT of my kitchen, pronto. I got a "FRUIT FLY TRAP" thingy (pardon my caps-lock) - and it has helped some, but not enough and I really just want to bomb the kitchen with DDT and malathion (sp?) and kill them all TO DEATH in one swell foop.

Problem with that is that a) you can't buy that kind of anti-insect spray anymore, and b) I'd have to take Kili for a long (4 to 6 hour) car ride and she HATES car rides.

This is particularly annoying, as I really want to make stuffed peppers for dinner, but I don't want to have to fight the miniature vermin for my peppers. Grrrr.

Oh, woe is me....


The Future Was Yesterday said...

You might
want to try this.

"Traps" as sold by most outlets seen to be a waste of money.

Sewmouse said...

Thanks, TFWY - I'll have to buy me a coke and try that.