Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Solstice!

So. Right. I have some interesting news, but you only get to know it if you read the ENTIRE post.
Tonight will be the "longest night of the year". Granted, it will have the same number of hours, but it will be dark for more of those hours than it was last night, or will tomorrow night.

This is the holiday that Constantine co-opted when he was working out how to make Xtianity palatable for the masses, in order to convert said masses to Xtianity which he (a pagan, btw) had decided was the best religion going for mind-controlling the aforementioned masses.


The world outside is grey and gloomy and rainy. It's not all that cold (relatively speaking), but it is dreary. Still and all, it could be worse. We've had relatively little sn*w this year, thus far (knock formica desk-top) - and because of this, the balloon guy at the car dealership looks really stupid. He's supposed to be a snow man. From the waist-up.

Unfortunately, the black belt on the bottom of the balloon, combined with the only-one-snowball-before-the-head bit, makes it look like a seasonally correct LIGHTBULB standing in the green grass.

Saw Dr. Nick last nite. He confirmed my diagnosis of food poisoning from last weekend. He even guessed what food it was that caused it!

Burned my pointer-finger on my left hand taking pizza out of the oven. Was trying to slide it onto a serving-tray and put my finger on the super-hot rack by mistake. I now have a rack-sized smooth spot on my pointy finger which does not hurt or itch, but is somehow annoying.

I got my Dad a backscratcher for Xmas. He claims the folks at the assisted living stole his.

The man has a nice big-screen TV. He has a nice stereo setup. He has a nice computer setup. He has a coin collection, and a few other things that are quite nice.

They stole his backscratcher. right. *sigh*

The really sad bit for me is that he didn't get the joke when I asked him if he had looked on the roof for it. *sigh*

I found some purpley twinkle fairy lights. I am using them as decorations. I have twined them all through the baby lime-tree. It looks quite festive. I am NOT putting up that ratty old fake tree anymore!

Ok. enough with the suspense....
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My daughter is pregnant! I'm gonna be a Grandma next Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Furtheron said...

Congrats to daughter - hope all goes well.

Trust me they do steal the backscratchers - mine wents somewhere years ago, it's the same sods who nick all the stolen... sorry free pens I put in my drawer but aren't there when I need to write something! And AA batteries they take them to.... they do... they are screwing my mind up I tell you ;-)

BBC said...

It was a beautiful day here, spring like, we haven't had any snow yet this year.

I would not feel good about being a new grandfather considering how I see things going and how things may be in 20/30 years.

I just wouldn't want to see a grandchild go through that, not that I would be here to see it.

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

congrats what lovely news for you and your family x

BBC said...


BBC said...

Welcome to 2012, I think...

I took Helen for an enjoyable 3 1/2 hour ride, it sure was nice here today.