Saturday, July 02, 2011


So I had to get a new power cord for my lappy because I LOST the old one (don't ask) - and it was only a few $ at Amazon, so I also got a few books.

2 books on container gardening.

Good news: I have done a number of things "right" without knowing any better.

Bad news: I have done a lot of things "wrong" without knowing better. I know better now, next year should be interestinger. <-(is SO a word!)

Also got Keith Richards' "Life". Will bring that along on the drive to Florida for "put your brain to sleep so you can sleep" and entertainment. Since I'm driving, I can bring a number of books. This is good.


Furtheron said...

I have this problem at Amazon... I go there to get x - just x, nothing more because I need x I do not need y or z, let alone a or b but suddenly they are all in the "basket" as well - see problem is a virtual basket doesn't get heavier as you load it up telling you to reconsider all this stuff you are putting in it... and then of course you just "Click once to buy" and no fishing in the wallet for actual notes which you look at and think about how much that is hard earned money... Indeed I need to go to Amazon to by x... I do need x but I know if I go there... etc.

(Short extract into my headspace - don't worry it is as bad as it seems to me at times :-))

BBC said...

<-(is SO a word!)

Of course it is, English is a piece of shit, make up any words you like, that's what the wordsmiths do.