Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Garden Update

Just 2 photos, but taken this morning.

First off, the lettuces, which are doing pretty well, considering the trauma from the monsoons and lack of sufficient drainage (and resulting mudslide when I tried to pour out some of the overflowing excess water).

And the peas and beans. The peas have gone past the top of their teepee - I think I may have to put more green wire/tape from the teepee up to the top of the fence to give them room to stretchhhhhhh.


BBC said...

I can't grow shit but my Aloe Vera's.

Croila said...

These look grand! The stuff in the front-right of the lettuce photo though ... What is that? Cause they look like dead seedlings? I presume it's different to the lettuce that's actually grown?

Sewmouse said...

Yes, those are dead seedlings. I took that photo right after I had tried to get the extra water out of the box, and the mud splashed all over the little baby guys and squashed them. I picked them out the next night.

The little plant in front of the beans trellis is the pathetic basil.

Croila said...

Hmmm. You tried basil indoors? Like on a windowsill? I've managed some from seed but only on the windowsill indoors. Last year I had a pot of Greek basil outdoors but I cheated and bought the actual plant from the garden centre.