Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eating the yard

I'm just not succeeding with perennial flowers. Some of them do ok, but most of them are just annoying me, so I'm going to back off of that concept and do something else. Something else being veggies again.

Last nite I emptied a bag of potting soil into a clear plasticy box and sprinkled lettuce seeds on it. Then I added some water and put the cover on to protect it from frost. It is sitting on top of the air conditioner compressor. Hopefully it will make lettuces, since the variety I chose is called "Pixie" and makes small heads of lettuce, which amuses me.

I've started clearing some of the pots and stuff out of the "ground garden" where the perennials "live". The daffodils are doing great and the red lilies are coming up strong, as are the iris. Not sure about the astilbe or those little pruple/blue flowers and I think the bleeding hearts are dead.

I can't decide whether to try and grow a tomato plant again or not. I've had such ROTTEN luck with them the last few times that I'm tempted to just go try and grow peppers and forget the tomatoes. Interestingly, I did better with tomatoes at my Mom and Dad's old house where the black walnut trees were my only nemesis than I've done here with no trees to speak of.

Yes, Croila, I will put in photos - just not yet. A picture of a blue pot full of dirt is not really very interesting, IMNSHO.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

If you plant a single tomato plant, it will not yield unless you get a small brush, and brush one flower then another. Germination it's called.:)

Croila said...

Just thinking about your tomato problem ... Could you grow a bush variety rather than a, um, sprawling "indeterminate" variety that needs pinching out and staking all over the place? My tomato plant last year was "Totem", a compact bush variety, and it grew such great guns I now have six of the things this year. I believe bush tomatoes rather than, oh, that's the word, "vine" tomatoes are easier?