Thursday, February 17, 2011

Well, tickle me with a cheddar...

I'll be damned if our Cheezehead neighbors to the north (Wisconsin) haven't done gone and did what I said in my previous post. They're all out there peacefully telling their Republican Governor (in office for less than a month...) to stuff it where it don't shine and not give tax bonuses to his rich cronies and then try to balance his budget on the backs of the working folks.

I don't often agree with the Cheddarheads. Especially about Football. But - guys, this here Flatlander is 250% behind ya on this one. Say it loud. Say it proud. Say it so loud I can here it down here in Illinois. And change your damn State Constitution so you can tell someone like "Walker" to take a hike, without waiting for him to screw things up for a whole year first.

GO CHEESEHEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw - Piston - if you're going to just post silly teabagger talking points, don't bother. The state had a 140 million dollar surplus in the budget before Walker took office. He gave tax breaks and credits to his cronies, and added 3.8 billion in pork for his corporate masters, which is why there's a problem NOW. Oh - btw, he also wants to get rid of the minimum wage and child labor laws. Sounds like Dickensian London instead of Madison Wisconsin in the 2000's.


Piston said...

He's an idiot and an obvious crook. Why would I post anything to support him? Of course the cheeseheads are idiots too for voting in the guy. I mean really, he never even graduated college and what college courses he did take revealed extremely mediocre grades. No way he should have been given the the keys to the city. Let me ask you.. when do the voters take responsibility for the mistake they made? Does he need to go? Hell yes, but the cheezers are reaping what they sow.

As for the tea party spew, it's typical of you to broad brush those who you disagree with. So anyone who doesn't tow the Obama line is a teabagger? That's backward thinking. I'm more of a libertarian who just wants government to have a system of checks and balances in place. But go ahead and call me a teabagger if it makes you feel good.

Piston said...

It prolly should also be noted that that bulk of protests in Wisconsin are because of the anti-union legislation, and not any other reason.

It was also classy (and irresponsible) of the 14 democrats who abandoned their post in order to try to stall whats-his-head's attack on organized labor, instead of doing their job and voting against it.

Truly there are no good guys in that fight.

rauf said...

why they are rich ? because they are smart. Why you are not rich because you are not smart Sew. The rich continue to enjoy the tax benefits even after the change of government at the expense of the poor. Why do we have a government Sew ?
We have a government to make the rich even richer.

Sewmouse said...

Thanks to the millions of dollars poured into the campaign by the Koch Brothers and their evil minions, Mark Neumann, never had a chance in hell.

I suppose you support the Citizen's United case and other legislation that makes Corporations into "People" with "Freedom of Speech" and all?

Unfortunately, most people get their information about candidates from the news and TV ads. When Murdoch owns the news, and Koch Industries spends billions on TV ads, your average, non=politically-interested REAL "NATURAL" PERSON citizen voter is going to be swayed by their propaganda instead of spending the time to research and discover just exactly who really is best qualified.

Sewmouse said...

The 14 Democratic Patriots who left Wisconsin in order to demand that the legislation not be railroaded through the WI Senate without any debate are heroes in my book.

Remember how after TWO YEARS of debate and compromise, the RepubliCONS still whined and cried that Obama was "RUSHING" the Affordable Health Care Reform Act through congress?

Remember how the RepubliCONS used their secret holds and "fillibuster" bullshit to stymie ANY legislation in the Senate for the last 3 years?

Really, Piston - y'all can't have it both ways.

piston said...

The pub's are wrong too when they up and leave. It's wrong period, regardless of the fence you reside on. It's called job abandonment. Quorum busting is bullshit no matter what party does it (Republicans last did it in 03/04 i think in Texas). If your boss enacts a policy you disagree with and you decide to skip work until they change it then I fully expect you to lose your job. And Barry and his friends were railroading legislation through when they had the majority in both branches, although it is important to note that politically, it was important to have pub's on his side when it went through because even he knew that he would not have control over both houses forever. In the long run it won't matter as the states themselves are attacking it.

The Wisconsin thing is purely about union busting and nothing else. Traditionally I am anti-union since I belong to one for several years and all they did was take money from me with few benefits to show from it so I have no problem with a little union busting.

As an aside, Mouse.. it both amuses and saddens to me (and always has) that you tend to mirror the things you hate, politically speaking. That's why, to those with their ear to the ground, your opinion is hard to take serious. You're a smart woman, very much so, but I really wish you'd step back from the pulpit once in a while to see what's really going on. The problems the country has are not as black and white as you would paint them.