Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Oh Good Greif.

Carol Mosley-Braun is all up in arms about when the decision was made to shut down Lake Shore Drive. She's critical of the city's response.

Carol? You're not the Mayor yet. In fact, you probably won't be if Rahm gets on the ballot.

More importantly - no matter what you yammer on about - this blizzard is a blessing for all of you candidates. The blessing is that it did NOT happen on your watch. Dick Daley is on his way out. This cannot hurt him, because... well... he's not going to run for Mayor again. Unlike Mike Bilandic, the blizzard is not going to cost him an election. Smart cookie, that Dick Daley.

On the other hand - you just sound whiney. Dorothy-Tillman-Whiney. Seriously - it's a blizzard. We got 2 ft. of sn*w at least. LSD was no doubt shut down as soon as the city folks knew it would be impossible to keep clear and passable. Give it a rest.

If you really want to be a help - go grab a shovel. I bet you have some neighbors who could use a bit of help.

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