Wednesday, October 13, 2010


oh my.

I don't usually stay up too late - and I don't have a functional TV, so it is really rather unusual that I stayed up late last night to watch as the first 2 of the Chilean miners were rescued. The joy on their families faces was so heartwrenching.

Congratulations to all who helped, all who waited, and all who survive. I know there are still about 1/3 of the guys to bring up-and then the brave souls who went DOWN to help them also, but truly, this is a happy, happy thing.


Four Dinners said...

As they often say....'when you've dug yourself a hole...stop digging'...;-)

Marvellous stuff. I would have lost my marbles after about 3 hours down there...well...what marbles I have left anyroad.

Apparently they are all heading for a big payday with books and movies and such.

Good luck to them!

...and sorry I've been away...missed yer babe x

rauf said...


BBC said...

That whole rescue thing is just a big media farce, lets look at where they are in two years, not much of anywhere I'll bet.

Like us.