Monday, September 20, 2010

Kili gets a physical

Nothing quite like having a lumpy cat.

They were small lumps, and at first it was just one or two on her neck. Now it appears to have spread all over her body. Small hard lumps that don't move if I scratch (gently) at them. I was concerned.

Then a bout of 4 day fecal unpleasantness.

Vet appointment made and kept.

Cash outlaid for "senior panel" blood and urine tests.

Results today.

Apparently the Illegal Alien Kitteh brought a few not-so-nice friends with it. Flea medicine prescribed. Will pick up tonite. 18 years as an indoor cat and never a hint of fleas on either one of them. Damn outside intruder destroys my screens and then infests my cat. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Serious housecleaning and disinfecting and vacuuming and steam-cleaning and maybe even a bug bomb or 2.

Everything else - WAY normal, especially for an old lady like Kili. WOOT.
Except. Thyroid is in the "grey" area. Hyperthyroidism is apparently an old-cat possibility. Can be treated - hopefully cheaply. We will keep an eye on her so she doesn't lose any more weight and hopefully she'll be ok.

Since some kind of feline skin-cancer (untreatable, fast-killing) was a possibility, I am greatly relieved.


Zac said...

Good to hear Kili is doing alright. You can't be the krazy kitteh lady with out a kitteh. Hopefully she will stay around for another 18 years to keep you company. :P

rauf said...

yes its a relief SEW. HopeKilli has no further problems.
too many stray cats here

my chapee thinks he is big now and is picking up fights Grrrrring at bigger cats, gets whacked. big scratch on his neck, reddish, but no blood. He is fine
my chap too was found abandoned by my friend's daughter, perhaps a day old. i thought he would not survive. i used to feed him milk with an ink filler. Now he doesn't go near milk and always demands fish.

Furtheron said...

yuk - hope Kili is better soon - at least it isn't as bad as it could have been