Monday, October 05, 2009


So. This weekend I wrestled the International Quilt onto the quilting frame. This morning I started quilting it. The quilt seems loose - floopy - and it's ploofier than I thought it should be - but perhaps that is because I only have large squares done and not the cross-lines that will fill in and make it (hopefully) less ploofy.

It feels good to be working on it. The top, thus far, looks quite a great deal like what I pictured, and I do like the colors. I've run it past 3 of my male friends and they all say they like the colors and pattern - so I'm sure it will go over well with the recipient.

Got a squishy package at work this morning. Juan came over with a silly grin and handed it to me. The last of the fabrics for the quilt for Pirate. (Remember Pirate, Amanda?) Now I have to dig out my drawing for the boat quilt.

Yes, Amanda - yours will be first!

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Four Dinners said...

Our quilts have all been 'catted'. Mind you, on the odd occasion we get another I can't settle 'til a cats stuck its calws in it!